Elm Road Generating Station

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WPPI has an undivided 8.33% ownership interest, in the Elm Road Generating Station (“ERGS”), a coal-fired project near Oak Creek, Wisconsin consisting of two identical 634 MW pulverized coal-fired steam electric generating  units.  ERGS Unit 1 was placed into commercial service in February, 2010, and ERGS Unit 2 was placed into commercial service in January, 2011.  WPPI’s capacity from the ERGS Units is approximately 106 MW.

ERGS achieves significant efficiencies in comparison with traditional pulverized coal plants as a result of operating at supercritical steam pressure and higher temperatures than traditional coal plants and through the use of once-through cooling due to relatively cold average Lake Michigan water temperatures.  The average net heat rate of the ERGS Units is approximately 9,400 BTU per kWh.

Air emissions from the ERGS Units are controlled by modern air pollution equipment.  The air quality control system consists of a selective catalytic reduction system for NOX control, a pulse-jet bag house for particulate control, a wet flue gas desulfurization system for SO2 control, and a wet electrostatic precipitator for acid mist and aerosol control.